Elemis Targeted Toning Body Moisturiser 200ml

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Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite when combined with daily massage. This body moisturiser harnesses the power of Nigari Salt and Jania Rubens to help reduce the appearance of dimpling and promote more refined, even-looking skin. The unique transformation texture transcends from a rich cream to a delicate oil when applied to encourage massage, which complements an anti-cellulite routine. Helps to tighten, tone and leave skin visibly firmer and smoother.



Apply morning and evening to cellulite prone areas, such as thighs, stomach and back of arms. For best results, follow below massage instructions.

Step 1 - Massage

Apply product using hands and fingertips in large circular movements. Cream will warm and transforms to an oil. Apply to areas prone to cellulite such as thighs, stomach and back of arms (not the face).

Step 2 - Pinching

Stimulate circulation by squeezing the skin between fingers and thumb, moving across the area of concern.

Step 3 - Cupping

Stimulate drainage by firmly patting cupped hands over the area of concern.

Step 4 - Knuckling

Firmly pound area with a closed fist, using the flat of your knuckles to go over the area of concern.

This product is unavailable